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We organize exhibitions for contemporary art and pop art. With our creative design team, we tell stories through spaces and installations. We believe that every piece of art has its own character and insight, and can be experienced with the help of space and environment. With our experienced PR team, we develop an entire communication strategy throughout the project, including press release, event planning, social media, artist interview, in-depth coverage, and investor relations, to ensure that the exhibition gets enough exposure and transactions. We also work on experiential art projects for the broader audience, delivering thoughts and an artistic lifestyle.


We have a professional team that represents artists. We are dedicated to exploiting as many opportunities as we can. We have strong media relations to offer our artist clients, for interviews, video stories, coverages, special events, auctions and so on. We also help with managing social media accounts and connecting artists with proper galleries, art fairs, and biennials. Here we also have an online art store to collect high-quality artworks around the world.

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We offer integrated plans for all kinds of events, such as opening ceremonies, personal celebration parties, experiential marketing events, shows, after-parties, etc. Our service includes conducting research, making the whole plans, advertising, gathering materials, organizing the field... With the belief that a good event is an extremely important opportunity for new adventures, we take every chance to bring up the environment and atmosphere that make the most sense for a certain purpose.


Branding is a fundamental part of positioning your projects, raising your profile and growing your business. Despite the traditional marketing methods, our approach combines the mind of "design" and "art". With our creative methods, it will easily help your organization or individual to gather loyal customers, build authority, and gain market share in a highly competitive and increasingly oversaturated marketplace. I.M. Lab is especially expertise in bringing new brands and products to market, ranging from seasonal introductions, to trade fairs and pop-ups. 

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